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Physical & Mailing Address:
Bradford Elementary School
143 Fairground Rd
Bradford VT 05033
Office hours are 7:30AM to 3:30PM when school is in session. During the summer the office hours are 8:00AM to noon.
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NamePosition802-222-4077 ext. emailwebsite
NamePosition802-222-4077 ext. emailwebsite
Nancy Emley Resource Room Teacher 265  
Kate Grant Kindergarten 237  
Corinna Magalhaes Food Service/Nutrition Manager 285  
Marilyn Malmquist Title I Reading Teacher 235  
Darlene Sanborn Receptionist/Community Coordinator 220  
Susie Tann Nurse/PBiS coordinator 226  
Fred Tougas Facility Director 225  
Rowe Williams 4th Grade 247  
Board of Education ---- ---  
Megan Dubuque 2nd Grade 252  
Ramona Belanger Guidance 211  
Michael Aldrich PE Teacher 284  
Matthew Brankman Principal 223  
Cathy Roberts  1st Grade 244  
Faith Beaudin 2nd Grade 251  
Carol Owen Reading Recovery 232  
Beth Thompson Resource Room Teacher 283  
Alison Kidder Resource Room Teacher 282  
Edith Fogarty  IT Integration 208  
Heidi Allen Music 268  
Kris Cairelli Art 279  
Erica Thompson Reading Recovery 235  
Sam Drazin 3rd Grade  246  
Heather Durkel 4th Grade 247  
Judy Slack Math & Reading Internvetionist 232  
Aurora Coon 3rd Grade 253  
Jenny Albright 5th Grade 263  
Jessica Loeffler 6th Grade 249  
Kasandra Fratini Kindergarten 239  
Gail LaVaude  Librarian 204  
Lynnette Knapp 5th Grade 250  
Elizabeth Kingsbury Administrative Assistant 201  
Sarah Vella 1st Grade 241  
Karen Newton 1st Grade 242  
Showing 34 items
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