Lunch and Breakfast menu

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Bon Appetit!  
Please fill out an application for Free and Reduced meals - guidelines have changed and many qualify that might not have qualified in the past. Applications for Free and Reduced meals are available online below or from the office. When you complete an application you help the school to acquire funding for various local programs such as the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program (our snacks), the Summer Food Service Program, and Title 1 programs. Our goal is for every household to complete an application.
Applications are accepted year round. They can be filled out anytime your household income changes.
Pricing  (effective Wednesday, August 27, 2014)-
Snack Milk or Juice is $.50- this is not covered under Free or Reduced meals.
Breakfast is $1.65 - if you quality for Free or Reduced meals it is Free 
Lunch is $2.75- if you qualify for Free or Reduced meals it is provided Free of charge.  

 Please remember to prepay for meals/snack milk. School meal accounts are not charge accounts. They are set up to be "debit accounts" where purchases are deducted from a positive balance.                                                                        
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