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A Community of Learners Empowered Through Experience

Welcome to Bradford Elementary School! We're a student-centered community of learners working together to support student growth academically, socially and emotionally.  We believe that effective teaching and meaningful experiences empower young learners.  We provide hands-on learning and honor students' interests. With families as our partners, we strive to foster compassion, respect and a sense of belonging to the greater community. 

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We're very proud of our 5th grade teacher, Judy Slack, who was recognized this month by The University of Vermont College of Education and Social Services as an Outstanding Educator of 2022. Mrs. Slack has been a part of Bradford Elementary School since 1993. She inspires her students and colleagues with her growth mindset, kind and caring words and high academic standards. Staff say, "When I look around the school, I see her influence in so many places, like the Buddy Benches....she's dedicated, professional and always willing to help others....she goes above and beyond...she's committed to students, academic growth, and collaboration." Students "love Mrs Slack!"

Thank you, Judy, for being amazing! We're so lucky to have you in our school !


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BES encourages volunteers in our building to support student learning.  Learn how to apply here.

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    Bradford Elementary is a safe and drug free school.
    Bradford Elementary is a safe and drug free school.